Summary :  Introduction
Changes in behavior generate new analysis requirements
1995-2005 : The constant growth of cellular telephony
From Flow Method to Info-Mobility
The Info-Mobility Method
Results generated in the tourist sector
Other business sectors that are potential result users
How Info-Mobility was born
Other business sectors that are potential result users

Risk, fire and flood prevention requires real-time evaluation of the evacuation and emergency resources to be implemented when an alert threshold is breached.

Counting the populations present on the exposed sites can be used to organize evacuations and inform administrative and emergency services. Population counting is just one component of a comprehensive risk prevention application. Wireless, landline and cellular communication networks make up the system’s overall infrastructure.

In this case, the count system is coupled with warning devices that use all the current communication means: telephone, fax, GSM, SMS, e-mail, IRC, FM radio, etc.


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