Summary :  Introduction
Changes in behavior generate new analysis requirements
1995-2005 : The constant growth of cellular telephony
From Flow Method to Info-Mobility
The Info-Mobility Method
Results generated in the tourist sector
Other business sectors that are potential result users
How Info-Mobility was born
Results generated in the tourist sector

The results generated are directly usable in the tourist sector. For the first time, a Tourism Office or a département Tourism Committee can monitor day by day attendance in its territory, know excursion attendance throughout a day, follow trends on graphs, etc.

In qualitative terms, and for the time being in non-real time, quantitative results correlated with the non-personal files of the operators will inform us comprehensively on the socioeconomic categories of the people present on the site, their origins (operator files for the French, roaming agreements for foreigners), their age groups, etc.

Furthermore, the information obtained on a site can be clustered with that from another site and then successively centralized in order to be processed on larger territorial scales (département, region, etc.) to establish consistent and compatible counts and monitoring.


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